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Companies from various industries are already using Robotic Process Automation. Throughout conversations with companies of the energy industry, we have learned that only a few are aware of the existence of SAP's own solution.

Therefore our workshop will help to promote Intelligent Robotic Process Automation as a serious competitor to the solutions of other suppliers.

What is your personal experience with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation? Let me know, write a comment or contact me directly!

So what exactly is our workshop about?

When dealing with new technologies, various questions arise:

What can my company achieve through the help  of the technology? What added value does the usage of the technology generate? How can I use the technology most efficiently?

It is important that you remember to take one step at a time. Do not start with the final definition of use cases. Instead, get a more comprehensive understanding of the technology first.

Our enmore SAP Intelligent Robitic Process Automation technology workshop starts right at the beginning of your RPA journey. It is focused on the introduction, installation and implementation of the technology in companies. You will get to know the individual components - Desktop Studio, Cloud Factory, Desktop Agent - and learn how to use them. In addition the roadmap of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation will be examined in detail. The workshop leads to an end-to-end bot development.The developed bot opens Outlook and scans the inbox for an e-mail with an attached Excel file according to predefined criteria. The attachment is downloaded and its information transferred to an SAP S/4HANA system. Watch the execution of the bot in the video:

The workshop's design is supposed to provide you with all the information you need to get started with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in your company within half a day.

The Agenda:

  1. Introduction

  2. Presentation of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

  3. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation System Infrastructure

  4. End-to-end bot development

  5. Conclusion

The workshop offers added value for developers, decision makers and process owners and is not exclusively aimed at the energy industry.


If this has aroused your interest, feel free to contact me and let me know what experience you have had with customers or in your company!


Kind regards,

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