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Dear community, it's a birthday soon. On February 18th, 2016 I published my first blog in the SAP Community. Many other blogs followed over the years. How did this happen?

Change is a constant companion

The SAP technology offering has changed a lot over the years. At least in my perception. Technologically, so much has happened. We now have so many options. ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse, ABAP SQL Test Double Framework, abapGit and SAP Business Technology Platform ABAP environment - to name just a few examples.

First steps and a good feeling

I realized early that I cannot research and understand all of these technologies on my own. That only works with like-minded people 😉 And that's how I got into the SAP community. I read many blogs and was able to learn things in a few minutes that I would not have discovered myself or perhaps would never have understood without help.

A feeling quickly set in: gratitude. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all the work others do to make it easier for me, to save me some time I can spend with my family. That was the case then and it's still the case today 🙂 Back then I was looking for a way to give something good back. And so I started blogging...

With the first blog came positive feedback and now something happened that I didn't think was possible. In addition to the feeling of gratitude, there was a second feeling. The feeling of working on something bigger: The exchange of knowledge between people working with SAP software in different countries and time zones with the same passion as myself. Wow!

Try it

The feeling stayed and gives me motivation for my work - every day. For some this may sound like an exaggeration, but others certainly already know this special feeling 🙂

If you want to try it, nothing easier than that. We have the SAP Community where you can publish your own blogs (see this tutorial). Readers are here, too. After all, many people visit the SAP Community every day. And if you are looking for topics...

Some topics

I think SAP did a major step into the future with the SAP Business Technology Platform. I'm very happy as an ABAP developer that there is the ABAP environment and all the new possibilities to explore. So I guess some of my next blogs will talk about my experiences in that environment. Maybe yours, too?

In addition to technology, we should also pay attention to other, very human topics. It's always about people and how they use technology. This puts us in a socio-cultural context. We must experience this relationship, observe it and constantly examine and discuss it. So that we can do the right thing for others with our abilities 🙂 Better and better every day.

My call, request, suggestion

With that, this blog ends. With a request, a suggestion, an appeal. All at the same time. Make your own experiences with whatever, learn from others, share your knowledge, discuss and thus support our common future - here in the SAP Community. All of this is happening in the present, by the way 😉



Best regards, thanks for reading and stay healthy

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