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Easter ... while the kids raiding their nests, the parents often get nothing. We at graphomate want to react on this injustice and we also fill the nests of adults: we give away our graphomate charts for Lumira FREE.

SAP Lumira is a self-service, data visualization application for business users. With its interactive visualizations you are able to analyze data quickly and discover unique insights. With drag and drop elements and dynamic filters not only static documents can be created.

In this new environment we successfully integrated our graphomate charts and they feel right at home here:


3 new chart types
Choose between bars, columns and integrated deviations as they are already known from the graphomate charts for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. Bars are ideal for visualizing structural data, while column charts allow an insightful presentation of temporal sequences. In addition, the integrated deviations help to represent absolute differences extremely compact.

Moreover there is the possibility to extend the base charts by absolute and percentage deviation charts or show the deviations separately.

By clicking on two different bars or columns a detailed comparison can be displayed temporarily. The absolute deviation between the selected values is highlighted.

To download our graphomate charts for Lumira FREE please enter a business e-mail address here and you will receive a download link. There you find our SAP Lumira extension as well as a short manual.

You can use the graphomate charts for Lumira FREE without restrictions; however we ask for your understanding that we can not offer any support for the free version.

Feedback really appreciated ... 🙂


PS: Unfortunately the trellis function can not be used due to Lumira SDK restrictions.

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