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From my own experience I found out that it's important to organize your project! It can grow fast and unstructered, even for a small application :smile:

This tutorial is based on previous tutorials:

Start with the SAP Web IDE On-Premise

Connect the SAPWebIDE On-Premise to your SAP Gateway system On-Premise

Generate your custom Fiori application with SAPWebIDE On-Premise using Gateway On-Premise

Navigate between single full view and split view

In this tutorial we are going to create some sub folders in the root folder of the views. We'll place the views in there related folder. It's important that you not just replace the views, but also rename them!

After renaming and replacing the views, you'll have to update your "component.js".

We just created a few subfolders. But you could also create subfolder in subfolder and so on... Just don't forget to change the name of your view and update the "component.js"!

Extend your UI5 app clean ! :smile:

Next tutorial will be about the unified shell!

How to add the Fiori / Unified Shell

Kind regards,


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