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Updating the Oracle Instant Client

After the upgrade to Oracle, it is strongly recommended to install an Oracle client supported for Oracle 12c. If it is not possible to install Oracle client (for example, due to SAP limitations or hardware restrictions), you need at least Oracle client

For more information on the recommended versions, see the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) at and SAP Note 819829. A mixture of Oracle client and Oracle client on different application servers is supported.


As user <sapsid>adm, update the Oracle instant client for UNIX as follows, either for the Oracle 12c client or the Oracle 11g client:

Installation of Oracle 12c Client


Create the new client directory:

mkdir -p /oracle/client/12x

Change to the new client directory:

cd /oracle/client/12x

Mount the Oracle client DVD and unpack the client software:


SAPCAR -xvf <Oracle client DVD>/OCL<your OS>/OCL12164.SAR

Check and create the symbolic links:

cd /oracle/client/12x

ln -s instantclient_12102 instantclient

Create the symbolic link for BR*Tools 7.40:

Enter this command to change directory:

cd /oracle/client


If the link or directory 11x_64 already exists, rename it, as in this example:

mv 11x_64 11x_64_save


Create the symbolic link:

ln -s /oracle/client/12x /oracle/client/11x_64

Set Parameters as per SAP note 1888485

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