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Oracle Database Upgrade

1. Backing up the Oracle Database


As per your backup strategy take the backup of DB


2. Shutting Down the SAP System

stopsap r3

3. Upgrading the Database Structure with the Database Upgrade Assistant


To upgrade the database structure, you need to start the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA). The DBUA is a graphical tool that leads you step-by-step through the upgrade.


You have installed the database software.

Make sure that the DISPLAY environment variable is correctly set, DISPLAY Environment Variable must be set in case of unix based systems.

Make sure that the software owner <ora_swo> has write permissions (664) on the oratab file, which is either /etc/oratab or /var/opt/oracle/oratab, depending on your operating system.

Make sure that oratab contains the entry <DBSID>:<Oracle_home>:N



Oracle 11g: OQ1:/oracle/OQ1/112_64:N

Oracle 10g: OQ1:/oracle/OQ1/102_64:N

Make sure that the database and the Oracle Listener are both running.

export ORACLE_HOME_SRC=/oracle/<DBSID>/112_64

export ORACLE_HOME_TGT=/oracle/<DBSID>/12102

export DB_SID=<DBSID>

Change to the correct directory:

cd $ORACLE_HOME_TGT/sap/ora_upgrade/post_upgrade


Run this script in query mode initially to verify that the environment for the upgrade is correct:


./ -q



appropriately to the DBUA dialogs (unless DBUA is started in silent mode):

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