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                                    Oracle Upgrade 11G to 12C


This document contains the steps that how to do the oracle upgrade 11 G to 12C.

Author: Brindavan Mookaiah

Designation: SAP BASIS Consultant

Note: The steps are only suitable for NON SAP Oracle Upgrade.

For SAP oracle upgrade 11g to 12 c on AIX.  kindly find the following Link SAP Oracle upgrade 11G to 12C on AIX

Steps to follow:-

1) Backup Oracle database and profile

2) Take full offline or online backup

3) Stop the database

3) Stop listener

4) Change ORACLE_HOME environment variable in the bash profile of “oracle” user

5) Check the version SQ> Select instance_name,host_name,version,status from  V$INSTANCE;

6) Check the components version SQL> Select from comp_name, version, status from dba_registry ORDER BY status;

7)  Run the installer 12c

😎  Pre-upgrade

9) Upgrade the 11G to 12C

10) Post upgrade


The oracle release and years

Oracle Release 2

  1. (August 2009 -GA)
  2. (November 2010)
  3. (September 2011)
  4. (August 2013)

Oracle 12c Release 1

  1. (June 2013 - GA)
  2. (October 2013) (PSU)
  3. (January 2014) (PSU)

Oracle Database

Direct upgrade upgrade to

  • . In -Place Upgrade  -> Install Binaries in same ORACLE_HOME
  • . Out-of-Place Upgrade --> Install binaries in new ORACLE_HOME

Upgrade suing DBUA or Manual

Indirect Upgrade

  • . Migrate using Data pump utility
  • . Transportable Table-space
  • . Golden Gate Replication

There are different ways of oracle upgrading

1) Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)

2) Manual Upgrade

3) Transportable Tablespaces

4) Datapump export/import

5) Oracle Streams

6) Oracle GoldenGate

Here we are going to use

Oracle Database Version:            Oracle Database 11gR2 ( (64-bit)

Operating System:                        Oracle Enterprise SUSE Linux

1) Check the release and version

2) check the oratab

3) check the oraInventory

4) stop the database & stop the listener

oracle&hostname > sys /as sysdba

SQL> shutdown immediate;

oracle& hostanme> lsnrctl


5) Check the version

6) Check the components

7) set the new ORACLE_HOME

hostname> export ORACLE_HOME=oracle/SID/12.1.0

😎 Go to the 12c media directory and run the command

oracle&hostname> ./runInstaller

Click Next

Click "Next" and chose "Skip software updates".

Click "Next" and chose "Skip software updates".

Click "Next" and select "Upgrade an existing database". It automatically launch DBUA to upgrade the databases.

Select the Language eg " English"

Select Enterprise edition and click "Next"

Click "Next"

Click "Next"

Fix all the warnings are resolved before proceeding with the next step. In here we are ignored and click " Next"

Click "Install"

Click " Next"

Click " Next"

Click " Next" ignore and continue

Click " Next"

Click " Next":

select "configure Enterprise Manger and Click " Next"

Click " Next"

Click " Next"

select " I have my own backup "  and Click " Next"

click " Finish"

If you would like to restore the database to be fall-back to previous version then click on restore to revert back.

Well the oracle database upgrade completed successfully.

SQL> select * from v$version;

  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production 0
PL/SQL Release - Production      0
CORE Production       0
TNS for Linux: Version - Production      0
NLSRTL Version - Production      0

All steps are completed.

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