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I am writing this blog, to describe the steps how you upgrade the Oracle database of your SAP system to Oracle Database 19c



  • Supported upgrade path to 19c?
    To upgrade your database directly to Oracle Database 19c, your source database release must be Oracle, Oracle or Oracle

from,,,, 11.1, 10.2 or earlier - Direct upgrade is not supported.

Installation of oracle 19c database software

First backup the oracle inventory


  1. Log on as Oracle software owner, for eg: oracle or ora<sid>

  2. Install the new Oracle database software into the <ORACLE_HOME_NEW>, for eg: /oracle/SID/19.0.0

  • Set environment variables DISPLAY and DB_SID,

  • then start RUNINSTALLER. For RUNINSTALLER options, check SAP Note 2660017.
    OS> setenv DB_SID <DB_SID>
    OS> setenv DISPLAY <DISPLAY>

oracle base usually be : /oracle/SID

Now we will have to apply SAP Bundle Patch to new installed software oracle 19.0.0

(make sure you have downloaded these 3 files from service market place)

First extract SAP19P_XXX.ZIP file and copy Mopatch folder to new oracle home location (/oracle/SID/19.0.0/)

Second update the Opatch:

extract the OPATCH19P_XXX.ZIP file to oracle home (/oracle/SID/19.0.0/)

then Fianlly apply SBP using mopatch



Oracle 19c database upgrade

  • Run the pre-upgrade scripts

  • Please take backup of the listener configuration files

Login with ora<sid> with oracle home

set the env variables

stop  SAP system

Check oratab entries

start DBUA


Post upgrade steps

After the Oracle database upgrade, you need to perform the steps described here.
1. Check oratab entries
2. Check the symbolic link for the runtime Oracle home.
3. Adapt the environment of the <sapsid>adm user (eg: oracle home, client)
4. Update the SQL*Net configuration files
5. Stop the old version listener and start the database listener of 19c
6. Start the database instance (make sure oracle home is pointing to right oracle home)
7. check the database parameters for 19c and implement recommended parameters from sap note 2470718 - Oracle Database Parameter 12.2 / 18c / 19c
8. Update the Oracle Instant Client if required
9. Update BR*Tools executables
10. Update Database Statistics
11. Backup the database
12. R3trans -d, make sure it returns 0000

Finally Start the SAP system

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