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DSO Activation error troubleshooting document

Error message:ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition"


Error: Failure of activation of a request in DSO

Error message:

ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition"


What caused this?

Invalid characters were posted in ECC for some values of a field which were causing one of the transaction loads to fail. To correct this, PSA maintenance had to be done. Each time error was showing up for a different value for which requests from the targets needed to be deleted for each error which resulted in the change log table of the DSO to get inconsistent and the activation kept failing

The screenshot below shows the dumps from ST22 created due tothe failed activation

From the dump, we can see the technical name of the Change log table of the DSO; /BIC/B0001230000 in this case (circled in the screenshot below)


Use test for PSA partition consistency in transaction RSRV.
Any found error should be corrected in RSRV itself.

Upon the RSRV test execution, we see that the table is inconsistent

We can repair the PSA partition with RSRV or we can ask Basis team to do a consistency check

Carry out repair in RSRV with the error correction option. Click on yes and the error will be corrected.

Reload of data and activation now will be successful


This error might also occur when there is huge amount of data

Check OSS note 339896

SAP note 509660 – ORACLE ERROR 14400 during update to the InfoCube

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