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Hello All;

After a successful system refresh you may want to start taking backups of this system, but you may face errors, and in my case I had the following errors:


BR0310E Connect to database instance SID failed

BR0301E SQL error -942 at location BrDbConnect-6, SQL statement:




ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

BR0310E Connect to database instance SID failed


I found out that after a system refresh, or system upgrade we need to re-grant authorizations, and permissions to brtools, with creating SAPDBA role.

To fix the errors I did the following:

1- Copy the attached sql script attached to sap note 134592. My oracle version is 11.g so I copied sapdba_role_ora11.SAR as you can see below:

2- This sql script is a SAR file which is a compressed file, and for that we need to extract it using SAPCAR which can downloaded from SAP Marketplace under --> support portal --> software downloads --> support packages and patches --> brows our download catalogue --> additional components --> SAPCAR

3- Under the same directory put both SAPCAR, and sapdba_role_ora11.SAR , and extract the script using the command "SAPCAR -xvf *" as below:

4- Run the command  "sqlplus /nolog @sapdba_role <SAPSCHEMA_ID>"

The ID of my schema is SR3 so the command in my case will sqlplus /nolog @sapdba_role SR3

Note: To know the schema ID in your case run the transaction DB02 in your SAP system --> tablespaces --> overview --> check the first tablename it will be PSAP then directly your schema ID. In my case it is PSAPSR3 the default name of SAP ABAP schema

5- To make sure that your command was issued successfully, open the new generated file on the same location where you run the command. The file is called sapdba_role.log at the end of this file you should see "PL/SQL procedure successfully completed" as below:

Now if you go, and run DB13 you will be able to take backups as usual as usual as before the system restore, or the system upgrade.

Best Regards

~Amal Aloun

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