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In this blog, I’m going to explain my recent implementation in SAP ECC HANA.
The business requirement was to develop an Operational Report based on live data and usable in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office to analyze Workflow with Purchasing data.

After a first business requirement analysis, one point remained opened:

After the data extraction from the HANA DB, how to determine in real time the workflow approvers using the standard function module SWW_WI_CONTAINER_READ?

The idea was: Why not call it in a BW transformations using two Virtual Infocubes in the ECC BW embedded?

After some successful tests, this architecture was developed:

It consists of the following parts:

Database Layer

  1. Hana Calculation view based on the ECC tables: EBAN, EKKO, SWWWIHEAD,  SWW_WI2OBJ

Application Layer

2. BW Virtual Cube on HANA View at point 1)

3. BW Virtual cube with DTP direct Access

4. Transformation to extract the data from the Virtual Cube 2.  and to load it into the Virtual

Cube 3.

In this transformation, the function module SWW_WI_CONTAINER_READ is called to                       determine the approvers for the workflow Id extracted.

5. BEx Query at top of Virtual cube 3.

Some considerations:

  • The Virtual Cube are based on BW Infobjects

  • During the execution of the BEx query at top of a Virtual Cube, by design, SID entries are created in case they don’t exist.

The solution explained above is it realizable also in the other SAP Business Suite applications on

SAP HANA with SAP BW Embedded activated.
In addition at the BW Virtual Infocube, is it possible to create Operation Reporting based on HANA Information View, using BW Open ODS and BW Composite Provider .

The BEx Queries can be consume also with others SAP frontend tools for example: Webi Intelligence, SAP Design Studio, SAP Lumira, SAP FIORI and SAP BI Mobile.

The Operational Reporting created into the SAP BW embedded of SAP Business Suite on HANA

using Virtual Infoprovider like : Open ODS, Composite Provider and Virtual Cube   based on HANA

Information have these Top benefit:

-   Analysis in real time of operational data using SAP BI Tools

-  No data persistency in SAP BW

-  Integration with SAP BI Authorization concepts

-  Integration with SAP BW Master data (Attributes, Text and Hierarchies)

-  Reuse of the SAP Business Suite users
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