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What is Operational Dash board in BODS     

Operational dashboard reports provide graphical depictions of Data Services job execution statistics.

This feedback allows you to view at a glance the status and performance of your job executions for one or more repositories over a given time period.

Job execution statistics

Job execution statistics display in two formats on the left side of the page:

· Current (snapshot) pie chart

· Historical (trend) bar chart

The color codes on these two charts apply to the status of the job's execution:

  • Succeeded (green)
  • One or more warnings (orange)
  • One or more errors (red)
  • Still running (blue)

Current (snapshot) pie chart

Current (snapshot) pie chart

Click on the pie "slices" to drill into the report, which displays a table that shows the jobs in that status group.

Each Job Execution Statistics table includes:

  • Repository name—The repository associated to this job
  • Job name—The name of the job in the Designer
  • Start time and End time—The start and end timestamps in the format hh:mm:ss.
  • Execution time—The elapsed time to execute the job
  • System configuration—The name of the system configuration that applies to that job.

Historical (trend) bar chart

X-Axis represents Date of Job execution

Y-Axis represents No. of Jobs

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