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OpenText’s ‘Archiving and Document Access (ADA) for SAP’ supports various information management use cases for SAP install-base customers across industries. Organizations are known to use ADA for the following scenarios:

SAP data archiving: securely store data archive files into OpenText Archive Server and provide combined reporting on both archived and online data using OpenText DocuLink (which is a key Document Access component)

SAP document archiving: Digitize paper documents, archive and store them into OpenText Archive Server, link archived documents to SAP transaction or master data and provide 360 degree views of SAP data and associated documents using OpenText DocuLink

SAP Legacy Decommissioning: Archive documents and report outputs (print lists) from legacy SAP systems, link these documents to the target SAP environment and provide search and display capabilities on these documents using DocuLink in the target SAP environment.

The ADA suite provides powerful capabilities for document management & archiving, secure long term storage and search & retrieval functionalities. It also has various integrations into Windows desktop, MS Office applications as well as email clients such as MS Outlook and Lotus Notes using DesktopLink, ExchangeLink and NotesLink components.

Another scenario for which ADA proves useful is in the management of non-SAP documents. By non-SAP documents we mean documents/files which are not related to SAP transactions but are still important for business processes and for retention from a compliance perspective. These could be legal documents, SOP’s, certain types of contracts etc. These documents will be stored into OpenText Archive Server and made available for search and display on SAP screens using OpenText DocuLink. The attributes/metadata values for these documents can be stored into a custom table in SAP. Thus, documents not linked to SAP transactions can also be visible in virtual folders in DocuLink and searched and retrieved by end users. These documents can be “checked-in” to the archive server directly from MS Office applications or emails or the Windows desktop using OpenText DesktopLink, ExchangeLink and NotesLink which are part of the ADA Suite. If such documents are only residing in physical form currently, then they could be digitized and archived using OpenText Enterprise Scan. The solution can also potentially be extended by creating some custom SAP workflows around these documents. For example if a legal document reaches its expiry date a workflow can be triggered to send an email reminder to a designated person in the legal team.

Leveraging ADA for non-SAP documents in this manner allows customers to make the most of their investments in SAP and OpenText while ensuring that all documents in the organization are managed and retained using one solution.

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