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I just finished my second openSAP MOOC experience: Introduction to Mobile Solution Development.

It occurs to me that a good course should inspire the student to apply the learning and invite the student to explore the subject area. This has been the experience I've gotten from openSAP so far.

It has been a delight to take this course given its trending content, easily-accessible learning materials, and step-by-step lecture style. It's not only easy to consume during my weekly schedule but it is also rewarding to complete the assignments. The learning is a compliment to my studies and work. Taking this course with my project team has enriched our learning experience in our "Advanced Requirements Engineering" course at Stockholm University this semester.

The management team at openSAP makes a point to listen to feedback and community discussions to improve the learning experience continually: for example, by making transcripts available for video lectures in addition to lecture slide downloads.  In this course each new week's lectures were made  available on Fridays (before the new week) and assignment deadlines were extended to Tuesdays  (rather than Mondays as in last spring's "Intro to Software Development  on SAP HANA"). There is now a messaging feature so you can interact with other course participants, in addition to forming or joining study groups. These sort of improvements make it more convenient to consume and engage with the learning material, and shows that openSAP is willing to listen to students feedback.

If you are a student I can speak to you from my experience. It's worthwhile to explore the easily-accessible learning material offered by openSAP MOOCs. Besides explaining practical uses and considerations regarding specific technologies, openSAP MOOCs show me how to access specific resources to apply the learning and actually make things happen using these technologies. 

And of course, all students get a Record of Achievement by achieving a certain level of points on course assignments and exams.

Looking forward to the next course!

Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform

(Starts on Monday Oct 28, 2013)


By the way If anyone missed the first SAP HANA course the first time around, it is being offered again. 

I'd recommend signing up right away as just it started again this week:

Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA (Repeat)

*Besides openSAP, I've participated in three other MOOCs. While I enjoy MOOC learning in general, openSAP's MOOCs have been refreshingly straightforward to navigate and engage with. I hope the openSAP team will continue populating the platform with new and interesting courses.

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