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Recently there has been a growing movement within the SAP Community to make a case for open sourcing the UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 aka SAPUI5. I won't rehash all the arguments again here but instead point you to this great post 13 reasons why SAP should open-source SAPUI5 by jan.penninkhof2 who has brought all the reasons together very nicely.

So I thought why don't we create a t-shirt to promote this idea and show some support - plus it makes a great geeky holiday gift with the holidays just around the corner. It needs at least 50 people to buy the shirt for it to go into print - you only get charged if it hits that number. You can buy the t-shirt here:

Just to be clear, the goal isn't to make money from this, so the shirts are being sold at cost - the goal is to highlight this community initiative and have some fun.



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