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Scenario Example:-

1.Currently, Business provides cost information for each material/part supplied by XXX’s vendor companies. This information is provided in the form of a flat file feed.The Flat file is uploaded in a FTP location, from that location the interface picks up and loads the data into SAP BW Server location. Once the data is available in the SAP BW location, BW Info package loads the data to the target DSO and the information is then available for reporting. Current reporting solution does not provide reporting users with option of selecting company code to do adhoc reporting.

Note: The flat file supplied in current form does not have company code Information.


Changes outlined in this document will enable users to run reports against Ex:Cost Systems (Cost Reduction, Cost Spend, and Cost Inventory) Info providers with inclusion of Company Code as one of the selection criteria for the reports.


This change will only enable 0Comp_Code as selection variable for reporting against the data in Ex: Cost Systems (Cost Reduction, Cost Spend, and Cost Inventory) Infoproviders. This document only outlines changes to be made in BW system.


Based on the requirement to segregate material/part cost information pertaining to XXX and each of the other divestiture companies, company code (Info Object: 0Comp_Code) will be used in the Infoproviders and reports associated with them.
4.1  Created open hub for existing DSO’s export historical data to flat file.
4.2  Include company code as constant (i.e.ex: 100) for Open hubs update rule.
4.3  Export DSO data into flat file(i.e. Open Hub destination)
4.4  Now configure the Datasource, transfer rules and Providers with company code and Reload has done.
4.5  User able to see the data by company code



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