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In this part we are going to create an Open connector instance for Google drive, Please refer previous part for getting SAP Cloud Platform trial access and to activate the Open connector and API management services in SCP.

Creating Open Connector instance for Google Drive

Step - 1: Click Connectors from the menu



Step - 2: Search for Google drive connector


Step - 3: Create an instance of google drive connector (click Authenticate)


Provide instance name and click create instance


Step - 4: Login to Google account



Step - 5: Allow access for cloud element to access the drive


Step - 6 : Select Test in the API docs to see the available resources


Step - 7: Try out the available resources


Response of the tryout is the file from the google drive


Similarly we can do other operations such as deleting the file, uploading a file, search, permissions etc.,

We can also create open connector instance for other applications such as Linkedin, Facebook, DocuSign, GitHub, onedrive, twitter, outlook and much more (160+ applications).

In the next part let us see how to create an API Provider and API Proxy using our Open connector instance.
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