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We have a dashboard in XCelsius that is based in multiple BW Query. This BW Query has one a variable which is not mandatory but initialized. I did the connection the bw query with xcelsius and everything was fine, but for few users when they try to execute the dashboard with the url link if gives the below error meaasge.

"One or more mandatory variables of query XXXXXX not filled"

For this user everything was working fine few days back but is showing error now but no authorization has been changed.

Steps tried beforing finding solution:

I'm mentioning these steps as these steps might also create the same issue :

SAP Note:  1580524 - Xcelsius Dashboard does not display variable popup

Also go through the below discussion, it may help you.

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Bex Variable PopUp does not come up launching Xcelsius dashboard

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Passing parameters between XCelsius dashboards using BI direct connection

Checked if it's returning error in RSTT trace with below note, maybe that we can clarify the issue is coming from BW BICS or BO perspective. 1925924 - How to enable RSTT Trace in SAP BW for Frontend Tool(SAP BI & 3rd-party Tools)


The issue was that the default date format for both the users was changed to MM/DD/YYYY while it should have been DD.MM.YYYY as it is the format in which the dashboard is taking the input. The mismatch in the date format was causing error.

How it was identified :  When I chacked all the access of the user's I only found this format which was different from m ID and for both the ID it was same. When I tried to execute the BW report too for the user's it was automatically taking the format as in their ID so report was executing fine but not the dashboard.



This document was generated from the following discussion: Only some users facing issue that "One or more mandatory variables of query XXX not filled"

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