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Hello everyone,

I would like to keep this blog post compact and to the point. I am writing this article considering that you already have on-hand experience of Fiori and Launchpad development.

One of the reason as what i understand behind reference lost error that we see on tiles in Launchpad Designer is that the tile/target mapping that has been derived from a custom or standard technical/business catalog is not able to connect itself with its source.

You can create a reference of a tile or target mapping from existing catalog and attach the same to a custom role. Generally in case of transaction standard apps, a technical catalog is considered and for Fiori/Analytical apps a business catalog.

Lets take an example of app FBL3N.

The first step to debug this error is to search for the technical catalog in Launchpad Designer and you should not find it, the reason behind its absence is that the respective system alias and RFC are missing from your Gateway server.

In this case, System Alias is S4FIN hence make sure your gateway does contain RFC (type 3) as S4FIN_RFC.
In case of creating a target mapping for Transaction type applications (remember the dropdown you select), your system must has 2 RFCs of type H like <SystemAlias>_HTTP and <SystemAlias>_HTTPS.

Once your basis team sets up the RFCs, run this report /UI2/GET_APP_DESCR_REMOTE_ALL in (test mode first) T-code SE38, it will give output something like below:

Make sure that all red errors are solved. There is s-note for this you can refer to 2495630. Creating missing RFCs will solve RFC related errors but to solve error related to Missing Catalogs, it is important to associate a catalog with alias in this view (T-code SM30 - /UI2/V_ALIASCAT).

Once the output is green, you can run the same report without test mode, it may take 5 to 10 minutes to finish and an output just like test mode will be see after execution. This report replicates catalogs to their position where they have to be.

Login back to the launchpad designer and search for the technical catalog that was missing, it should start appearing. In addition to that, you should not see reference lost error.
If you would see this error in quality or production environment, make sure before moving your transport requests to QAS and PRD, run above report and check the catalog's status in system.


RFCs are the backbone of such errors. You may wonder why RFC is required in embedded deployment? Because SAP suggests to build environment under HUB Deployment where S4Core and gateway server are deployed on different systems and RFCs enable them to communicate with each other.

I hope this document has helped community members. If you have any queries feel free to comment below in comment box.
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