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Environment: SAP Netweaver Portal 7.31

Mission: Help us to quickly find the work area which we use heavily and save time.
Tool: My Objects Section in Content administration Menu.
Path: Content administration ==> Portal Content Managementè ==> MyObjects

Let’s Start !

Login to the Portal with a user with Admin Rights and navigate to Content Administration Area.

Expand my Objects.

Funny thing is now you cannot collapse this section  by clicking on the Down Arrow.

For that you will have to expand another item  :smile: (Did I miss a Trick here? Do you experience the same?)

Click on Add New Group Buton.

Provide a Group Name and Click OK.

The newly created group is now visible in the My Objects List

The Context menu provides three options.

Remove from My Objects.

I wanted to add one more group under the newly created My Group.
But it got added on the same level and one more menu item got added in the Context menu
for moving the groups up or down.

Now that we have created the Group to My Objects,Lets try to add some Objects to this.

Let me navigate to my Folder where I work most.

Select the Folder and from the context menu select add to my objects.

We get the message Object added in Default Group.

Here we see that the folder is added to a Default Group and all the objects from the folder are available.

But hey, I wanted the folder to be added to My Group, which I just created!

Now what?

My daughter reminds me: when you want to explore: Click , Double Click, Triple Click, Right Click  :smile:

So let us see the context menu on my folder.

Ah.. there you go..Some more options. Cut ,Copy and Remove  :smile:

So let us Cut and Paste .


Now I can quickly find the Folder to work on save my time navigating through the portal content.

Only thing is every time I want to add some objects to a specific group, I have to cut and paste  :sad:

Hope this information is helpful  :smile:

Thank you SAP Portal Team !


Rajendrakumar Gaikwad

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