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Would like to share the behavior of objects in Merged Universe when we upgraded Linked Universe from BO 5.1.5 to BI 4.1 and convert to UNX

When the linked universes in 5.1.5 is upgraded and converted to UNX, they result in a merged universe in 4.1.


The state of the objects that were from Core Universe was not as expected in 4.1 merged UNX Universe.

Issue Description:

Noticed objects that were in hidden state in the core universe in 5.1.5 are visible in the merged universe in 4.1 UNX

which might cause issues by exposing the hidden objects when released to users without proper testing.


Manually need to change the state of the object in business layer so that
the object state would be the same in both 5.1.5 Universe and 4.1 UNX Universe

Note: Linked universes are no longer supported in Business Objects 4.x UNX.

However, linked universes can be converted as merged UNX universes i.e. conversion of derived
universe to UNX automatically includes Core Universe objects also.



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