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From Internet to Internet of Things

My children wonder to hear that my childhood was internet-free. They just can’t believe that I was first connected to the world wide web during my University days, approximately 20 years ago, which according to them was quite late. They are right in their thinking as they have grown up in time when not only the computers but also other devices are connected with each other and sharing information. It’s not the time of just internet, it’s time of Internet of Things.

IoT in own circumstances

Last month, I attended a workshop on IoT and was amazed to learn how it is shaping today’s world. Prior to the session I had a very basic understanding of the subject but to interact with the instructor – an SME and a Consultant – and other attendees, the IT Professionals, I started to think of the possibilities we could have by applying the concepts to our circumstances.

Thinking SAP

I was there with some of my colleagues who specialize in different SAP Solutions and therefore our discussion was mainly on how we can offer a unique experience to our organization leveraging the SAP applications in its use. Thankfully Rob, our Trainer, facilitated our thinking and we were able to relate the IoT to SAP, the summary of which I have stated below.

An Example Scenario

The CFO has to travel to another country for a few weeks. At the office, he can see the dashboards which provide him an overview of payables and receivables, for instance, of any period of his choice. While he is away, he still needs to be aware of the financial status of the business. He uses a handheld device and therefore the SAP Team (comprising of Finance, SRM, CRM, BI, and FIORI) works together to design reports which he can access anytime and from anywhere.

IoT and SAP - The Potential

The scenario we thought of was very basic but it did help us in thinking out loud. We hope to use our learning to be able to innovate (or at least think of) unique solutions. Those who are still wondering what I’m talking about, I’ve also described my key takeaways from the training, in addition to adding a picture from the session. Please feel free to say what you like.

IoT, Big Data, AI

I learned that different devices could be connected with each other, allowing them to exchange data, based on which they can take further action. I tried to relate the knowledge I gained lately with my earlier openSAP trainings (on Hybris and Data Science) and I felt them closely related. I felt leveraging the Big Data, building the IoT networks, and using the Artificial Intelligence to predict what customers may want and do, are all related in a way or another. I discussed it further with other colleagues and they shared their thoughts.

IoT Possibilities

A colleague mentioned of an interesting experience which describes it well how IoT creates value. According to him a sensor embedded in a plant container senses the temperature and waters the plant accordingly. Another example he quoted was of the light of a home which turns on and off based on the timings of the day, using some sensor and connection to the internet.

IoT Summary

So basically, there are plenty of options available to build on the IoT concept and use it for the benefit of the society. I end it with the picture which we, the group of SAP Consultants, drew in the session to explore and explain our idea on how to extend the possibilities within the given circumstances.

If you have any comments/thoughts, please add.
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