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In my current project, we are on Single Stack SAP PO 7.4 , B2B add-on SP02 Patch 12. In course of our EDI developments(we are dealing with ANXI X12 documents mostly), we noticed that the XSD generator does NOT list all EDI message versions our client is currently trading with their partners. Our client is currently using another EDI subsystem(Amtrix). We are migrating these interfaces to SAP PO. We did some research, raised an SAP incident and got to know about SAP Note 1934041. Thought it would be useful to share to the community. I will explain, taking an example of an EDI 855 document for which we needed the XSD for version 002000(this version is not listed in the default control key SAP in b2bic). The steps to get this XSD are below.

1) Goto B2B integration cockpit - http://<host><port>/b2bic.

2) Select EDI content Manager -> Editor -> Message Editor

3) Select a version & set that you would like to copy(in my example scenario i chose to use version 002003 and set 855), Now select "copy control key".

4) select copy control key and in the popup window that appears, specify a new control key, description & also specify the new message version you need, in our example, we need 002000

5) After you save, you should see the new message version against the new control key you specified. There is a step to validate if its good, the pdf attached in SAP note 1934041 should guide you better on the validation.

6) You could now select the new message XSD generated in above step, and adjust it, meaning, you have to refer to the X12 855 v2000 manual and based on the manual, add/delete segments & loops, add or remove or modify the position of the fields in a segment.

7) After adjusting the XSD and saving it, you could then navigate to the control key scenario association under EDI content manager -> Editor and insert a new entry in the table shown in the screen. You should take care NOT to have all of the columns wildcarded, looks like these entries are used by EDISeparator for routing.

😎 So for the new control keys & message versions we generated, we specify the exact sender component , service interface etc so that this entry is only confined to a specific interface where its needed.

9) Now, when you navigate to the XSD generator option under ANXI X12 , you should be able to select the new control key from the drop down and once you do so, see the new version we just generated. In our exmaple, it is EDI 855 message version 002000.

9) You could generate the XSD ande then use it in your mapping developments.

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