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NongFu Spring is the largest drinking water company in China, with assets over 10 billion yuan.  With its implementation of SAP HANA in August of 2011, the massive beverage company-with plenty of data- has been able to accelerate essential processes by up to 300 percent. After almost one year of success under SAP HANA, NongFu Spring is working with the software to develop a new mobile application so staff members can have real-time data access on-the-go.

Before sticking with HANA, it took more than a day for NongFu Spring to access its point-of-sales and channel sales data.  As a leading beverage business with copious amounts of incoming data-often related to inventory and freight-this made it nearly impossible for NongFu Spring to develop and display up-to-date business insights and take action accordingly.   With an Oracle data warehouse, NongFu Spring faced challenges largely attributed to slow processing of the immense amount of data that it acquired throughout its operation.  NongFu Spring needed faster processing of its information in order to make quick decisions that generate successful business.

NongFu Spring and its CIO Patrick Hoo recognized the value of the SAP’s emerging in-memory database HANA in August of 2011.  Although NongFu Spring intended to merely test the software, Hoo announced that NongFu Spring would adopt SAP HANA into its day-to-day operation just a few weeks after testing began. “We are so satisfied with the operation and speed of the entire implementation,” Said Hoo.  The CIO of NongFu Spring found that SAP HANA performed as a comprehensive and sophisticated database solution to the big data challenges that NongFu Spring encountered while operating under Oracle. 

NongFu Spring’s customer base data took two or three days to analyze prior to 2011, which often slowed business accomplishment and hindered quick decision making.  With the in-memory database that SAP HANA has provides, however, NongFu Spring can retrieve data about their customer base in as little as five seconds.  NongFu Spring’s adoption of HANA changed the dynamics of the corporation; with data production accelerating by 200% to 300% and efficient business logic calculations, which are key to the success of NongFu Spring, producing at much faster rates.  These technological upgrades are vital to the success of NongFu Spring.  By having data available two to three times faster, HANA-run NongFu executives can make quick decisions based on both market and customer behavior. 

Freight calculation procedures and functions took 24 hours to execute prior to Hoo’s partnership with HANA and are now completed in as little as 37 seconds.  With faster freight data processing, Nongfu reduces its account reconciliation process and the costs associated with it by one whole day.  HANA-run NongFu Spring operates with a reduced potential for mistakes as well as a reduced maintenance cost, benefiting NongFu Spring as a company as well its bottled water consumers. 

Patrick Hoo now seeks to extend the benefits of in-memory data through HANA via a mobile business solution.  Recognizing the benefit of having access to real-time data through HANA software, NongFu Spring has been developing mobile applications that are set to be deployed on various mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry. 

Mobile applications that run on SAP HANA, like those in development by NongFu Spring, will allow sales teams and executives to receive and analyze retail store information whenever they choose. Mobile devices running on HANA can also provide location data to manage the efficiency of direct sales, track daily work, and monitor performance, which clearly simplifies employee workload and reduces the cost inflicted on companies such as NongFu Spring.  These HANA-run applications will enable NongFu Spring staff members to have access to real-time data on the run and will surely facilitate better business for companies employing them.

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