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The document is aimed at all those who are at beginner level in SAP BW and one who is involved in L1 support in production system. I am trying to give some information about testing cycle & common issue faced while providing L1 support in project.

Content is purely based on my work experience & learning’s.



Testing is nothing but validating & verifying the changes done in software or project. Changes can be done due to following reasons –

  • New requirements.

  • Changes in current requirements.

  • Design or development change.

  • Performance issue.

  • Business requirement.

  • Functional requirement.



When different changes are implemented into project, we need to test all changes made are correct & not affecting existing project. As stated testing helps to know below points –

  1. Changes meet the expected requirement.

  2. Is it working as expected?

  3. Is it affecting others modules of project.

  4. Are stakeholders are happy with changes made.


NNIT :- (Non-Negative Impact Testing)

NNIT is done to find changes implemented in current project are not affecting other factors of project. If all changes made are correct & not affecting previous setup of project then changes moves to production. If single characteristic also get affected due to new changes then it will not move to production.


For example.  Current date format used in BW is MMDDYYYY. Now if stakeholders think it should be YYYYMMDD so it can be same format worldwide. So as per requirement developers will change date format at ECC side & respective area of BW. Now in NNIT stakeholders will check if it is affecting any data or any of report related to BW. If all test cases are passed it will moved to production. If any test case fails and it is found that new date format is affecting few reports then changes will be reverted back.

Test cases will created by testers as per changes happened in BW. To test all those test cases team have to create a setup in quality box. Quality box should be exact replica of production box to test. Due to different test projects changes are done in quality box. So to ensure quality box is exact replica of production box; team has to compare all characteristics of BW.


Common issue faced while working with BW:

  • Delta load not updated in EDW or 0 records pulled by delta IP –

      • Check the data in tables of source system.

      • Check the execution of collector jobs.

      • Check the system connection.


  • Error message in IP - Caller 09 contains an error message.

How you remove the error depends on the error message.

      • Go to transaction SE38, Run the program RSDS_DATASOURCE_ACTIVATE_ALL. Give your Datasource name, and source system.

      • If error is not resolved replicate data source in RSA1.


  • No successful initialization of the delta update took place.

      • Executed INIT manually & set the delta pointer.

      • Repeat the step.


  • Error message in IP- Inconsistency in delta administration.

      • Go to transaction SE38, Run the program SSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE. Provide details like source system and data source name.


  • Failure of DTP in chain can be repaired based on error message. It can have different types of failures. Try to avoid use of error handling property of DTP & skipping the error message in record. Instead try to resolve error.


  • Missing data in report

      • Check filters in query.

      • Check data in infoprovider.

      • If data is not available then check filters of ADM & EDW loads.



  • Data is available in cube but not visible in reports.

      • Check indexing of cube.

      • Check filter of infoprovider in query.


  • Duplicate records found in reports

      • Check compression of cube.

      • Compress the all requests.


  • Rollups/compression of request is failing

      • Check older requests, if any one of request is failed or compression is not done. Roll up & compress that request manually.


  • DTP failure due to inactive transformation

      • Go to SE38, and run program RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE to activate transformation.


  • How to find source of Direct Update DSO

      • Below tables can help to find source -




  • Mismatch of document number with sale org.

      • Please check if same document numbers are created again for any purpose or by mistake.

      • Source will have new refreshed data but BW contains older data, team has to delete those older entries.


  • APD is failing due to huge data load

      • Sometimes APD from PC fails due to memory issue, in such cases create a variant to have filter in APD. ERP team won’t allocate extra space to resolve memory issue as if is quality box.


  • Some process chains are scheduled after event but in quality box PC won’t execute –

      • Identify event name & trigger it manually.

      • Tcode - SM64

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