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Hello All,

Welcome to my first post in this blog, although not my first writing for the SCN. I expect to write a series of posts reporting some issues with its solutions about installing SAP Business One version for HANA. After that, I will continue to collaborate with posts about software development for HANA and configurations on SAP Business One version for HANA. Coders are welcome to join my discussions.

If you are reading this it's likely that you already know the huge capabilities of SAP HANA and its power to analyse massive volumes of data within fractions of a second. As per today it's possible to use that powerful platform on the SAP products, such as SAP Business One.

I imagine that some of you have come across some issues during the installation of SAP Business One server and client components for the HANA version. It is important to keep in mind that SAP HANA provides client interfaces for connecting applications to the whole HANA system. A regular mistake while installing the SAP Business One client (the one that comes within the B1_SHF folder) is to forget to install the HANA client first. Whenever this happens, the SAP Business One login user interface will look like this:

No HANA instance will appear on the list, therefore, no company databases will be loaded. If this ever happens don't panic! Simply go to the HANA installer, copy and paste the HDB_CLIENT_WINDOWS folder to the Windows machine. Finally, run the hdbsetup.exe file which will install the HANA client. Restart SAP Business One and the instance and databases will appear in the login window.

I hope this helps all of you who are struggling to get SAP Business One to work on its HANA version.


Alejandro Fonseca

Twitter: @MarioAFC

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