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There is no performance data returned or the page always refreshed after clicking 'Click here to load data from business warehouse ' in SAP Solution Manager: Work Center -> Root Cause Analysis -> End-to-End Analysis -> select your system -> Workload Analysis -> Overview.

At the same time, there are lots of warning Communication error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 456 shown in SM21.

Detailed information for this warning:

Then I search in SAP SMP and get SAP notes 1983164 - "Error found retrieving data" refreshing a report with parent members / 1032461 - MDX parser does not start, according to these notes, I test the RFC connection MDX PARSER but failed with the error below:


The file librfc32.dll which is used for communication between ABAP and MDX parser does not exist in kernel directory nor environment variable PATH directory. (Our Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2, Solution Manager 7.1 SPS13, Kernel 7.21 EXT)


Download the current version of librfc32.dll for you kernel and extract it to your kernel directory.

Support Packages and Patches

  -> Additional Components

    -> SAP Kernel

      -> SAP KERNEL <32/64-BIT >  ##### Download non-unicode version! ######

        -> SAP KERNEL xxx

          -> <your platform>

            -> #Database independent

Perform connection test MDX parser RFC again.

Check performance overview data, now I get it. :smile:

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