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Recently We built a new BW Quality System ( 740 SP11) from our existing Quality System backup.All the required post steps were completed and the system was handed over.

Now the issue is when data transfer process (DTP) is run in BW system, background jobs are not getting triggered. As a consequence of that The DTPs are remaining in "YELLOW" status.


When I tried to trigger the DTP It was throwing a system message "Check if server hostname_<SID>_XX can be used (for execution of batch jobs)" and immediately dumping out.I noticed that the host name it was trying to use was of the Quality System that we used to build this system.After that in SAP system tray a message was shown like "No Background Process found for 0TP Request".The DTPs were not moving at all as no background jobs were not getting triggered even though we have enough background work processes free in the system.

In the ABAP Runtime Dump Below information were written

Server All assigned Servers !!! must be deleted from the list of usable batch processing servers.Server All assigned Servers !!! is not active in transaction SMMS.

Analyzing the Issue

When I checked RSBATCH transaction code which is used for  improvement to the batch manager for parallel extraction with a data transfer process (DTP) , It was holding my old Quality System hostname ( As I stated earlier this system was built from my old Quality system) which were designated for background work processes.



     To fix the issue I followed below steps

     1) Execute Tcode RSBATCH

     2) Select DTP_LOAD from the Drop Down and click on Parameter Settings


     3) Set the parameter as per your settings.I left it blank to allow the system start job on any available server.

          Here you specify the name of the application server or server group on which you want to schedule the job.

          If you do not specify a name, background management starts the job on any available server.

     4) Click on "Save".

After this I triggered a fresh DTP and jobs started getting triggered on my new Quality System.

On a separate Note..

A maximum of 293 work processes are supported for each server.If more than 293 work processes are set up on a server, the batch manager does not start any more background jobs at all.Following the implementation of 2140419, more than 293 work processes are possible per server as of Release 7.30.

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