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Before diving into the blog post, I would like to recognize the efforts of my colleagues in developing the scenario and implementing the technical solution by giving special thanks to nivollmer, arapcsak, fredmartin, vjola_dule and sfeil.


This blog post introduces Next-Best X (NB(x)) that supports and automates decision-making in various scenarios such as pricing or claim predictions and across a multitude of industries. NB(x) enables businesses to take the next step in facilitating the usage of historical and current data to gain actionable insights. The advantages that can be gained by implementing such an automated decision-making solution are illustrated through a specific use case: classifying new clients by risk and automatically calculating insurance product offers.


Good and accurate decisions are vital to the achievement of firm goals and corporate success. Decision-making is usually not one-dimensional but rather complex and based on a range of factors and data inputs. These conditions can be a challenge for human decision-makers and pose as an ideal use case for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can automate and support decision-making in various ways. The interplay of AI and information technology, that SAP Data Intelligence provides as a cloud solution, serves as a key factor in NB(x) by generating added value and business insights.

Many companies lack the capabilities of optimized and automated decision-making processes, despite their importance. Decision makers may easily misinterpret information or miss hidden patterns in data sets that humans cannot perceive as well as an algorithm. Thus, decision-making processes not only tend to produce inaccurate decisions, but they are also time consuming and resource intensive. The key to making better and faster decisions is a combination of well-thought-out, guided applications, and using Predictive Analytics leveraging both historical and external data.



NB(x) helps to accelerate and optimize the entire decision-making process through automation from start to finish while also improving profitability through the following optimizations:

  • Modern applications that guide users through all necessary steps of a process and collect relevant, required information to make accurate decisions

  • Real-time decisions with an immediate result

  • Reduced process costs by automating the decision process, which requires less personnel and less manual input (time) per decision

  • Machine Learning with SAP Data Intelligence to support the decision-making process by leveraging historical and current data leading to consistent and more accurate decisions


Value Proposition

Integrating prognosis models in business applications and processes will help reduce manual effort, time spent and human errors by automating a data-driven decision-making process. The usage of SAP Data Intelligence therefore enables a process of orchestrating data in a more transparent and valid way.

The proposed solution will therefore allow decision-making processes to become lean, simple, accelerated, and highly automated. Increased accuracy and consistency of decisions will furthermore contribute to the company’s bottom line.



NB(x) is a holistic solution that offers an integrated and intelligent modern Web Application automating the entire decision-making process from data collection (user input) and decision (prediction) to sales closing. Furthermore, it has been implemented as a module and is therefore easily extendible with a flexible reporting solution that provides business users with insights about customers and sales.

At the core of the solution lies SAP Data Intelligence in a cloud-based environment that integrates relevant data and can be combined with various frontend tools. The SAP Data Intelligence Platform runs in the background and manages historical and manual data entered by users through the frontend. By connecting, discovering, and enriching data assets, the platform turns data chaos into data intelligence with actionable insights. Based on the inputs, risk classifications take place in a first step. These results then influence the price calculation of different insurance product offers. Once the results are displayed in the Web Application, the user is able to choose from the available offers and completes the process with payment and confirmation.

The integration of machine learning and predictive models, facilitated by the solution, significantly simplifies the decision-making process through automation and ensures the company’s future economic success by making accelerated decisions with higher accuracy.

We encourage you to post your comments below this blog post and invite everyone to an open discussion.

You could also reach out to our contacts below to learn more about our Advanced Analytics solution NB(x) or our Decision Process Optimization offering in general. We are happy to provide you with further details or to do a live demonstration of our solutions.

Learn more about Business Content for SAP Data Intelligence from the SAP Data Intelligence product team.


Also check out this video of the NB(x) solution featuring SAP Data Intelligence!


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