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Happy New Year everyone!

I think Microsoft is giving us all the final hint: Internet Explorer End of Support. (IE8,9,10 all unsupported!)

Let's all start out 2016 with the realization that the internet no longer looks like this:

I know all of us former SAP Portal & Java developers had good times building these Web Dynpro Java (and ABAP) applications, but the world is changing.

The future of SAP looks more like this (Fiori 2.0):

Just today I was discussing with a colleague at a major Fortune 500 company in my home state of Minnesota, the massive investment that is continuing to pour into continued Web Dynpro Java application development. Let's stop that now, and let's make this the year that IT no longer is seen as an antiquated, bloated, and slow cost center, and is instead seen as a true driver for innovation and simplification for the Enterprise!

Here's a quick plan for 2016, to stop the madness, and start moving towards Fiori:

  1. Realize Fiori is the future of SAP UX, and stop spending time on alternatives. Every continued dollar spent on the alternatives is going to have to be spent again to redo it properly. Don't just take it from me, read the official strategy:
  2. Review the Fiori apps catalog to see what you can turn on right away: Fiori Apps Library
  3. Catalog all of your custom Web Dynpro developments. Anything in the Portal, and anything custom developed should be priority #1 for Fiori app migration. If it's in the Portal it's likely the application is intended for a broad audience, and one that doesn't want to do a lot of training.
  4. Now that we have a big lot of apps to develop, go across the hallway and actually get some buy-in from your business. Do design thinking sessions, show them the possibilities. They will give you a standing ovation (to be fair, this only happens 50% of the time). Oh, and you may need their money, because good style doesn't always come cheap. (Never skimp on design). And maybe they have some ideas now too?
  5. Get your environment in shape. Gateway is key, HANA may be nice, but it's not required. Keep in mind, you can also do all this from the cloud without any infrastructure investment (and a lot of other cool accelerators). SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition
  6. Remind everyone again and again, HANA IS NOT REQUIRED FOR FIORI!
  7. Deploy the out of the box apps. (Basis can do this in no time).
  8. Build custom apps. Don't know how? Learn here: Introduction to SAP Fiori UX - Prakalp Phadnis, Elizabeth Thorburn, and Jamie Cawley It's a lot of fun and will keep all your developers happy. You can probably dissect your Web Dynpro apps, and put them back together again as Fiori. (Blog idea?)
  9. Want to take it to the next level? Build a UX COE:

In 2017, I hope my New Year's resolution will not have the words "Internet Explorer 9" in it. Maybe AI, IoT, hovercrafts, and who knows what with the digital transformation? Now that sounds exciting.


Gavin Quinn

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