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It has been a while since my last blog post so thought I would write a really small one to get back into the groove ?. While a pretty simple option, it is a nice one for Portal site administrators.

In the latest updates of the Portal Service in SAP Cloud Platform there is a new option to restrict configuration options to your own business content rather than all applications delivered as part of the SAP Business Suite or S/4HANA systems. I must admit, I have always thought that once you include all of the SAP standard apps delivered as part of the Fiori Cloud Edition there is a lot of noise that you have to wade through when performing administrator tasks for the Fiori Launchpad. So this feature is very well received! The new Business Content option allows you to limit this noise. I will describe the feature in this blog.

This new feature is available in the Fiori Configuration Cockpit – after you select a specific Portal Site.

To check this feature select the [Portal] service in the SCP sub-account as detailed above. This is part of the User Experience offerings. The following screen will be displayed.

Select [Go To Service] as displayed above.

This will display the standard Portal Administration page.

Select the [Site Directory] to display a list of sites to maintain.

Choose the [Edit] option to configure the specific Portal site.

You will be presented with the Fiori Configuration Cockpit which is already defaulted to show the Custom content only.

On the right hand side you can see the label – Custom Content only. This is highlighted above. This is as a result of the selection on Business Content which is set to [Custom Content Only].  You will also notice a low number of applications even though this site does include the Fiori Cloud Edition applications.

This feature is extremely useful as your custom applications can often be lost in the total number of applications that are included in your portal site after including the standard Fiori Cloud edition applications. Additionally, this is even more important when performing extensions on existing applications. If an app has to be modified it is often difficult to find out which one is the correct application.

The Business Content selection is made across ALL sections of the Portal site but is mainly related to the Content Management section. If you navigate to the Content Management section you will see the Apps, Catalogs, Groups and Roles limited by this selection. If I select the Apps you will only see the Custom applications that have been created OR extensions to standard applications that have been made.

In the Business Content drop-down you can toggle between Custom Content or Content imported from SAP Business Suite or S/4HANA backend systems as part of the Fiori Cloud Edition subscription.

You can see this below.

When you select this the entire Portal site will be defined by this selection. SAP Business Suite apps, catalogs, groups and roles will now be shown and will be ready for maintenance. NOTE: This also includes the Custom Content! 

This will also reference the Content Package selected for this portal site. As you can see above I have selected the SAP Fiori Cloud for Business Suite offering which includes 53 Fiori Cloud edition apps (plus the 2 custom). The Business Content options will be defined based on the subscription selections so if you have applications also brought in for S/4 HANA there will be a 3rd option defined in this drop down. As I noted above, when the SAP Business Suite option is selected it will also include the custom content that has been created which I think makes perfect sense.

In summary, this is a really nice feature and does help in the administration activities of a portal site. This was a recent addition….so check it out now and provide your feedback on this feature. Will be glad to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for reading!
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