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As of AIF 3.0 a new, fantastic feature has been introduced - AIF serialization. Together with my two colleagues from Int4 - Michal Michalski and Krzysztof Luka we've decided to describe how do different options of AIF serialization work as we believe it's usage can be a vital part of almost every AIF implementation due to it's unique benefits.

SAP Press has published our book with it's new format - E-bite. E-bites are supposed to be smaller books available only in electronic format and they need to concentrate on a single topic only - in our case serialization. Our book contains step-by-step instructions and screenshots that will enable you to explore your serialization options in SAP Application Integration Framework in no time, starting from the configuration up to monitoring and troubleshooting of the AIF serialization.

Where to buy:

SAP Press - Serializing Interfaces with SAP AIF


My first book on AIF topic for business users - SOA Integration - Enterprise Service Monitoring (LIE, FEH/ECH, AIF)

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