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Hi Everyone,

I was browsing through SAP training site and found out about new HANA Certification.

SAP has launched a new SAP HANA Certification "C_HANAIMP131" called SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2013)

It seems it is an update to original Application Associate Certification "C_HANAIMP_1".

This new C_HANAIMP131 certification covers new topics areas.

Comparison of  C_HANAIMP_1 & C_HANAIMP131 Certifications with topic areas and their weightage:

C_HANAIMP_1 WeightageC_HANAIMP131 Weightage
Reporting> 12%Data Provisioning> 12%
Data Modeling> 12%Security and Authorization8% - 12%
Data Provisioning> 12%Data modeling - Analytical views8% - 12%
Optimization> 12%Data modeling - Calculation views8% - 12%
Business content8% - 12%Advanced data modeling8% - 12%
Security and Authorization8% - 12%Optimization of data models and reporting8% - 12%
Administration of data models8% - 12%
Reporting< 8%
Data modeling - SQL Script< 8%
Data modeling - Attribute views< 8%
Deployment scenarios of SAP HANA< 8%
SAP HANA Live & Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP HANA< 8%
Passing Percentage - 66%Passing Percentage - 61%

It is clearly visible from the above comparison table that the new certification adds on more topic areas and is heavily focused on Modeling.

The topic areas are now more clear and it will be easy for everyone to identify what exactly they need to study for certification.

New Certification also has less passing percentage at 61% compared to 66% of the original one.

This new certification will surely be harder to pass and will require a good deal of hands on experience as it is covering Advanced Modeling Techniques, Best Practices for SAP HANA, Improving Reporting Performance of Models, Administration of Models and their transportation.

Now we also have separate area for SQLScript and CE Functions.

New topic like HANA Live has also been introduced and more focus on RDS is also there.

Still no XS part.

I really like the way SAP has clearly stated all the required topic areas and is covering Modeling in great detail. I would also like to thank SAP Certification team for this great work.

To get more details about C_HANAIMP_1 Certification, check the following link:

To get more details about C_HANAIMP131 Certification, check the following link:

New E-learning course HAIMPE has been introduced but this version is still in production as mentioned on the SAP training site:

SAP has also introduced a new Classroom course HA350 for Data Provisioning covering SLT, DXC, Data Services, Flat File Loading and using SAP BW as ETL tool. More details can be found here:

Now all available HANA courses are based on HANA SPS06 including HA100 and HA300.

UPDATE: New SAP HANA Technology Associate Certification "C_HANATEC131" is available now:

To know more about this certification, please check:

All the best to everyone who wants to appear for Certification

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