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           The word rightly suggests that it’s unique and certainly adds to innovation, the word is SAP HANA. SAP HANA means a product that is “High in Performance and Analytic Appliance”. SAP has developed this new cloud platform which features predominantly two important applications: In-memory and Platform-as-a-Service. This innovative platform has given an expert skill to all the data analysts, through which they can process large volumes of data in real-operating time.The first most important feature of HANA that is the in-memory database is very efficient as it reduces the real time operations of analysts from loading or writing-back data. The simple conclusion drawn by analysts is that if you want to run your data faster use SAP HANA. In addition to it, companies can run their respective SAP Business Suite software on the newly SAP HANA. It gives a competitive advantage to all the analysts using SAP HANA as it can be processed parallel to any other SAP application and due to which they do not have to wait for a long time running reports.



Easy Application Extensions: SAP HANA provides a unique way to extend one’s current cloud platform and tops it up with added customization and better business flow. You could be the best to your advantage if you have HANA, as you can get your valuable data integrated on one single platform and unleashing it from the different systems and formats under which it is trapped.

Operates & Produces Real-time Analytics: Surely there is more to be added to SAP HANA feature list like its use for engagement of more and new customers, optimization of business processes, and also generating new revenues with its real- operating time analytic apps. Through its real-time analytics, HANA give its users an extraordinary power research and visualize the data with further advancing its analytical tools as 3-dimensional informatics, text analyses, and projective analytics.

Builds Great Cloud Applications: A platform that can quickly builds unique and innovative consumer and industry applications for todays all time used mobile and data-driven gadgets. The best part of HANA with building applications is its easy deployment and management of apps on a highly secure and scalable platform, which cannot be destroyed.

SAP HANA marks it importance by providing you high-end capabilities of mobile and flexible platform, high- end integration and analytics for faster and innovative development and delivering data across enterprise.

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