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The partner powering SAP Open Connectors, Cloud Elements, today announced the latest version of its platform with powerful new features that allow developers to use more than 180 pre-built connectors, quickly build new integrations, share workflow templates, and build and share Common Resources.  

The new features in Open Connectors include: pre-built API templates that map objects like “contacts” and “companies” and “leads” across applications without point-to-point coding; a new GitHub-based developer community for sharing Connectors; and an expanded array of new connectors for popular cloud ERP and human capital management applications.

Common Resource Templates

New Common Resource templates accelerate defined data models that work across dozens of applications, decreasing the integration workload while providing more control over the user experience. For instance, developers can use or modify templates for “companies,” “leads” and “contacts” that work seamlessly across multiple CRM systems, rather than having to create a new connection for each individual platform.

Open Connectors Community Repository

This new community repository allows developers to share Open Connectors, Formulas, and Common Resources with other developers via a public GitHub repository.  Open Connectors are pre-built integrations with normalized capabilities for authentication, discovery, search, bulk, events, error handling and API maintenance. Formulas are workflow templates that automate processes across multiple applications, e.g. “hire to retire,” “order to cash” and specialized workflows in fintech, healthcare, martech, and other ecosystems. Common Resources allow these workflows to be reusable by keeping the customization from customer to customer confined to them, and not the Formula.

New Connectors

The Open Connectors catalog has new additions for popular Cloud ERP connectors, extending popular integration use cases like “hire to retire,” “order to cash” for enterprise organizations and creating new specialized workflows for fintech, healthcare, martech, and other ecosystems.

New connectors include Workday, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

To access the new templates and connectors, create an Open Connectors trial account from the Cloud Cockpit in the Neo environment.


Hope to see you contributing to the growing community!
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