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Link analysis is a convenient functional for linking of charts / tables to control the filtering of one element by another. Such standard functionality has been in stories for a long time.

But in applications, until recently, it was possible to configure such a scenario only through scripts. Very well described in this article by prasadgurla

And now, since the release of Q4 2021 / 2021.19, similar standard functionality is available in applications.



  • Settings;

  • Linked Analysis Diagram



As in the stories, access to the settings is carried out through the additional widget menu:

Then we define the scenario and which components we will filter:

By default, both single selection and multi selection are possible:




"The new linked analysis diagram allows application designers to get a visual overview of all the links among widgets, after they create a linked analysis or a filter line in their analytic application. In addition, application designers can also modify the existing relationships for each widget directly here."

There are two ways to switch to this mode:

  • via the top menu

  • via widget


when you click the link to analyze diagrams, an additional tab will open:

a visual-graphic bundle of customized widgets appears with the ability to add new unlinked widgets:

when we select an inlink widget, we have a component outside the bundle and when we click on +, a pop-up opens with a choice of widgets for linking:


through the context menu, you can enable a menu with link management:


this tab (linked analysis diagram) can be left open and at any time you can go to it with switching between the main canvas:


you can go to the same tab through the widget and this diagram will open in the context of the selected widget:


option to display a diagram when connected to a link analysis input controls:

more examples of complex diagrams from the description of the functionality provided in the 2021.19 release by janet.nguyen:


  • Ability to visualize and edit the cascading relationship between input controls in the Linked Widgets Diagram

  • Renaming of the diagram from “Linked Analysis Diagram” to “Linked Widgets Diagram”


Interactivity is a very important feature. Link analysis provides the functionality of this interactivity through linking widgets. With standard settings and linked visual diagrams, this process has become much easier, faster and clearer.
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