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Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

In my last blog post,New innovations in S/4 HANA 2023 for MDG classic mode- Business Partner [Part 1], I covered 3 new innovations which came with S/4 HANA 2023 for MDG business partners.

In this blog post, we will cover another 3 key innovations for MDG business partners which ensures the business partner creation in MDG is more closer to the BP functionality in S/4 HANA.


The 3 features which we will discuss in this blog post are:

1. Data controller for business partners

2. Shareholder relationship

3. Incoterms Location ID


1. Data controller.

In S/4 HANA using data controller feature, the access to various business partners can be restricted using various organization data like company code, sales org, purchase org etc. This feature is very key especially for countries which are very stringent on personal data protection or data protection in general.

Details about data controller feature in S/4HANA can be found here

Business partner data controller in an optional opt-in feature, which can be activated in the below path.

Data controller activation

Below are some of the configurations which needs to be maintained.

Data controller entity types

Each data controller will be then assigned to the entity type

Data controller assignment

The data controller assignment in MDG happens during activation of the BP, it can't be assigned manually during SOM or mass processing processes in MDG.


If DC is activated, however not required for a particular BP, then we can use the data controller not required feature in MDG.

Data controller not required


The BP SOAP service also caters to this feature which will help replicate the data controller

BP SOAP service

BP_CENTRL entity is enhanced for data controller not required attribute, and DC_LINK entity type will have Data controller related data.

The authorization which controls the access to the business partner is given below.

Authorization object for data controller

2. Shareholder Relationships.

Shareholder relationship is a kind of relationship which will help to indicate shareholding pattern of various business partners in a particular supplier.

The details about this relationship can be found here

By default the relationship is time-independent, however if time slicing is needed, then the time dependency have to activated by following the guide.





3. Incoterms Location ID.

Incoterms location ID is an important aspect in SAP TM which indicates till what place the supplier should bear certain charges, risk, overall responsibility for goods.

Incoterms were available in SAP MDG from earlier releases, with S/4 HANA 2023, location ID is also now enabled within MDG business partner.

Incoterms Location ID

This will be updated in S/4 HANA once the change request is activated.

BP incoterms location ID

The BP SOAP service will also carry this location ID .

BP SOAP service


With this blog post & the previous blog post, i have covered 6 new innovations which were offered as part of S/4 HANA 2023 for MDG Business partners.

Customers can leverage this features to make their master data process even more robust and serve multiple SAP applications as well as LoBs.

Hope you like this blog, and feel free to provide your comments.



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