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Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

As we enter Q3 of 2023, SAP on 11th Oct launched S4 HANA 2023 private cloud edition which will mark the start of release strategy of 2 years instead of yearly release.S/4 HANA 2023 will have 7 years of mainstream maintenance.

With this release there were a huge set of innovations which were introduced in MDG as well. You can refer the overview of these features in Markus blog here.

In this blog post, i plan to cover a few innovations in depth which came in the business partner area for classic mode.


As part of this blog, i will be covering 3 new features which were introduced as part of S/4 HANA 2023 for MDG Business partners.

1. Alternative permitted payers/payees for suppliers & customers respectively.

2. Remarks in the communication & address data in MDG .

3. Tax categories for suppliers/ customers.

The examples which will be followed in this will be based on supplier, however the same feature is applicable for customers as well.

All these features will be only applicable for S/4 HANA 2023 and are not available for down-port in lower releases.


1. Alternative permitted payee for suppliers:

The alternative payees can be maintained a ERP vendor general level, as well as ERP vendor company code level. This will help customers maintain alternative payees for suppliers for their procure to pay process. The SOAP services are also enhanced to cater to these new fields.

Permitted payee ERP vendor general


The new entities added for this functionality for supplier BP_VENAP/BP_VENAPC

Entity type permitted Payee

Entity type permitted payee company code

BP SOAP service

2. Remarks in the communication & address data in MDG

As part of any address & communication data in MDG, as a master data specialist, the business user might want to enter some comments for the address, like a landmark for an address. Similarly for communication data like email or phone number, he might want to denote the email belongs to which department. To facilitate this MDG now supports comments. The SOAP services have also been enhanced to support replication to other satellite systems.





Entity Types for comments in Address data

BP SOAP service for comments in Address data

BP SOAP service for comments in communication data

3. Tax categories of Suppliers

Tax categories of suppliers are used to calculate tax liability for any purchase or sale in FI-AP/AR processes. Earlier MDG had the limitation that additional tax categories couldn't be maintained, however from S/4 HANA 2023 this feature is available.

However in S/4 HANA 2023 FSP00 the BP SOAP service doesn't support the replication of tax categories for suppliers as well as customers.

ERP vendor tax categories

Vendor tax category in BP

Entity type for supplier tax category


MDG in S/4 HANA 2023 has delivered some amazing features, 3 of which we saw in this blog post. Customers can leverage these features to improve the quality as well as usability of the data in multiple line of businesses in their organizations.

Hope you like this blog, please share your comments if you want to know something specific.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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