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Hey team,

I've been working hard on my new home network setup.

Taking advantage of the fibre for the new building I have 3 incoming lines.

In order to have the benefits of 3 lines (from two ISPs) I have them routing into a multi WAN router.

Currently no server is setup for user/group management, but a pretty standard internal network with 2 primary routers is setup.

Why 2 routers?

1. Special DNS settings to be able to enjoy BBC / Channel 4 / Hulu / Netflix (US) and other joys from being in Canada

2. Standard local settings & primary WiFi network.

Does anyone else have a good suggestion for a multi-WAN router?

Also, for managing everything going forward, what server setup should I go with?

I'll also be running some light business applications, and one day (when I can afford it) HANA; in my living room~ HAhahahah

Is Fedora still good at that level? Running CentOS for the Web Server.

Anyways, back to Data Science courses and [R]~


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