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SAP PI (Process Integration) tool has been releasing some pretty cool new features and updates after its first release of SAP PI 7.1 and also pushing most of its new features towards the java components. In this post, I would like to capture the latest releases of SAP PI and its features for my knowledge purpose. Hope this helps to you as well.

SAP PI Releases:

  • Exchange Infrastructure – XI 2.0 – Dec 2003
  • Exchange Infrastructure – XI 3.0 – Dec 2005
  • Process Integration – SAP PI 7.0 – Release Date: June 2006
  • Process Integration – SAP PI 7.10 – July 2008
  • Process Integration – SAP PI  7.11 – July 2009
  • Process Integration – SAP PI  7.30 – May 2011 – Single Stack Supported
  • Process Orchestration – SAP PO  7.31 – May 2012 – Single Stack Supported
  • Process Orchestration – SAP PO  7.4 – May 2013 – Single Stack Supported
  • Process Orchestration – SAP PO  7.5 – Oct 2015 – Single Stack Supported

These are the key words that I always remember about the releases:

  • PI 7.1X – Moving towards Java
  • PO 7.3X – Build strong base on Java
  • PO 7.4 – Move towards HANA
  • PO 7.4 – Move towards Cloud and Integrate Solutions.

SAP PI – Dual Stack Architecture:

SAP PO – Single Stack Architecture:

  Process Integration – SAP PI 7.0 + SAP PI 7.1 Features:

  • Runs on Java 1.5 version.
  • Solution Manager – Integrating SAP PI with Solution Manager to manage the entire SAP solution landscape.
  • Enterprise Service Repository (ESR) – ESR is a central repository of information that contains all the services. It stores the metadata of interfaces, mappings and business processes which all can be reused easily.
  • Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) was released.
  • Renamed some of the commonly used names like
    • Integration Repository (IR) – Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)
    • Message Interface (MI) – Service Interface (SI)
    • Interface Mapping (IM) – Operation Mapping (OM)
  • Service Registry – This is a repository where all the objects are registered and then ESR used this as the UDDI component for lookup services.
  • RFC / JDBC Lookup UDF
  • Folders features where introduced apart from Namespace to organize the objects.
  • SAP Core DT was replaced with SAP Global Data Type (GDT)
  • Parameterized Mapping concept was introduced.
  • User Decision step was introduced in ccBPM for workflow to make decision at runtime.
  • Import SQL Table metadata possible.
  • XML Payload Validation – Validate the XML in the sender and receiver agreements.

Process Integration – SAP PI 7.3X Features:

  • Runs on Java 1.6 version.
  • Solution Manager – Central monitoring of the PI server and Wily reporting support.
  • Eclipse based developed for ESR and ID.
  • Directory API was released to develop objects from eclipse.
  • Single Stack ESB was released which improved processing time by 60%.
  • Advanced Adapter Engine Extended
  • IDOC and HTTP Adapters in AAE
  • Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) can process very large binary file-to-file transfer with Integrated Configuration Scenario (ICO) possible.
  • Java based IDOC_AAE was released
  • ccBPM was replaced with SAP NW BPMN
  • B2B Add-on
    • SFTP Adapter
    • PGP Module
    • OFTP Adapter
    • AS2 Adapter
    • X400 Adapter
    • EDI Seperator
    • EDI XML Converter

Process Orchestration – SAP PO 7.4 Features:

  • Runs on Java 1.7 version.
  • Complete Interface development using Eclipse Editor
  • iFlows to speed up the development time.
  • Support Receiver Rules in Integration configurations
  • Extended EOIO handling
  • REST adapter released
  • Message Flow Monitor
  • Copy and Resend the messages possible.

Process Orchestration – SAP PO 7.5 Features:

  • Runs on Java 1.8 version.
  • Runs on HANA
  • Develop iFlows/Interface Configuration on Eclipse tools.
  • Supported Eclipse 4.4
  • Dual Stack support is obsolete for SAP PI
  • On-premise and HANA Cloud Deployment (HCI) available
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