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A new feature was delivered recently in the SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment related to the order in which applications appear on the Fiori Launchpad - within the Group they have been set up in. In the latest updates of the Portal service there is a new option that allows Administrators to re-order the apps to be in a specific order at runtime. This is a really really really nice addition to Portal sites and this is the topic of this blog post.

For informational purposes here is the New feature as described here.

NOTE: There is an assumption in this blog that you have already navigated to the Portal Service and chosen the correct FLP site to Edit the settings.

To start with I will provide a current view of a Fiori Launchpad I have already setup. In this FLP site I have created a group called CRM Reps with 5 applications in the following order:

  1. My Accounts

  2. My Appointments

  3. My Contacts

  4. My Opportunities

  5. My Tasks

This initial order is determined based on how you added the applications into the group in the first place.

Figure:1 BEFORE view – CRM Reps applications

The above diagram shows the applications as they have already been defined in the specific site using the Fiori Configuration Cockpit. In the [Groups] section the order will be the same.

Figure:2 Portal Site configuration - CRM Reps group applications

As you can see the order of the Assigned apps in the group matches the order with which they appeared in the Fiori Launchpad. Click on the [Edit] option to modify the setup of the Portal site. You should also notice a new informational message:

The order that you set in the Assigned Apps table in edit mode affects the order in which the tiles appear at runtime”.

So let’s have a bit of fun ? and move around the applications in this group. We do this by selecting the applications (via the checkbox) then using the Up and Down arrows to change the order. First, I will move the My Tasks application to be in 1st position.

Figure:3 Portal Site configuration – Re-ordering the Applications

When you carry out the first re-ordering you will receive the below message – which is all part of the new functionality. It tells the Administrator that the order has now been modified from what it is at runtime. I really like this part of the new feature – just a subtle reminder about what you are actually carrying out with the changes.

Figure:4 Re-ordering functionality – Revert option

At this point we will carry on and keep moving the My Tasks application into the 1st position in the group so it looks like this. You will still have the Revert message appear however we will ignore it and continue.

Figure:5 Re-ordering functionality – Moving an Application

For the example, I will also move the My Contacts application to be in 2nd position – before the My Accounts app.

 Figure:6 Re-ordering functionality – Final screen

Once the re-ordering task has been completed and you are happy with the apps and where they are positioned click on the [Save] icon. A message toast will appear stating that the changes have been saved AND the Publish icon will be highlighted with the well known *.

BUT, before we see the eventual FLP the order of the applications should be as follows - based on the above re-ordering configuration changes we made. 

1.       My Tasks

2.       My Contacts

3.       My Accounts

4.       My Appointments

5.       My Opportunities


When the Publish icon is selected the following pop-up will appear.

Choose the [Publish and Open] option and you will see the following FLP appear.

Figure:7 AFTER view – CRM Reps applications

Awesome!!!! You can see that the applications are in the order that we placed them in when we carried out our re-ordering activity.

OK – let’s now check the Revert function. For this example, I will swap the My Accounts and My Contacts position within the CRM Reps group.

Figure:8 Revert Option – BEFORE screen

In the above diagram I have moved the My Accounts application up 1 position – basically swapping the My Accounts and My Contacts applications however in this case I did not mean it. I meant to move the My Appointments application to 2nd position so I will now choose the [Click here to revert] option that is highlighted above.

The expectation is that the applications will move back to their original positions. So, My Contacts will move back to 2nd position and My Accounts will be in 3rd position. Additionally, no other messages should appear. As you can see below this is exactly what happened.

Figure:9 Revert Option – AFTER screen

I will now re-order the My Appointments application and save and publish the changes.

The new order of applications will be detailed in the FLP as follows.

The My Appointments application is now in 2nd position. BRILLIANT!!!

Some other noteworthy items include:

  • The re-ordering options are NOT displayed if a filter has been applied to the list of applications. You can see this below where I have applied a filter to only select the following 2 applications and when I select one the re-ordering options are not available.

Figure:10 Filtering Options screen – No Re-Ordering options


  • The Revert message will appear if you use the Sort option – as the order applications has changed and is no longer what it was.

All in all the new feature is really easy to perform and allows for more flexibility in the way apps are organised in Groups within the Portal site maintenance options.

Check it out now and let me know what you think about this new feature!!!

Thanks for reading!!


Phil Cooley
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