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A few days ago SAP presented the new version of SAP GUI for Windows. With this new version we get also a new version of SAP GUI Scripting API. The new SAP GUI Scripting API includes a new class, called GuiInputControl. Here the complete interface of the new class:
' Interface Name : ISapInputControlTarget
' Class Name : GuiInputControl
' ClassID : {31233701-DF39-49F7-A641-16CAB0C9C5F0}
Interface IDBind ISapInputControlTarget
Member Call SetFocus()
Member Call Visualize(In On As Integer, Opt In InnerObject As Variant) As Integer
Member Call DumpState(In InnerObject As WString) As IDispatch
Member Call ShowContextMenu()
Member Call FindById(In Id As WString, Opt In Raise As Variant) As IDispatch
Member Call FindByName(In Name As WString, In Type As WString) As IDispatch
Member Call FindByNameEx(In Name As WString, In Type As Long) As IDispatch
Member Call FindAllByName(In Name As WString, In Type As WString) As IDispatch
Member Call FindAllByNameEx(In Name As WString, In Type As Long) As IDispatch
Member Call SelectContextMenuItem (In FunctionCode As WString)
Member Call SelectContextMenuItemByText(In Text As WString)
Member Call SelectContextMenuItemByPosition(In PositionDesc As WString)
Member Call SetInputControlText(In ISapInputControlTarget As WString) As Integer
Member Call GetInputControlText() As WString
Member Call Submit()
Member Call GetLabelText() As WString
Member Call GetButtonTooltip() As WString
Member Call GetNumberOfEntries() As Long
Member Call GetHistoryEntryText(In ISapInputControlTarget As Long) As WString
Member Call IsHistoryOpend() As Integer
Member Call GetSelectedHistoryItem() As WString
Member Get Name() As WString
Member Get Type() As WString
Member Get TypeAsNumber() As Long
Member Get ContainerType() As Integer
Member Get Id() As WString
Member Get Parent() As IDispatch
Member Get Text() As WString
Member Let Text()
Member Get Left() As Long
Member Get Top() As Long
Member Get Width() As Long
Member Get Height() As Long
Member Get ScreenLeft() As Long
Member Get ScreenTop() As Long
Member Get Tooltip() As WString
Member Get Changeable() As Integer
Member Get Modified() As Integer
Member Get IconName() As WString
Member Get AccTooltip() As WString
Member Get AccLabelCollection() As IDispatch
Member Get AccText() As WString
Member Get AccTextOnRequest() As WString
Member Get ParentFrame() As IDispatch
Member Get IsSymbolFont() As Integer
Member Get DefaultTooltip() As WString
Member Get Children() As IDispatch
Member Get SubType() As WString
Member Get CurrentContextMenu() As IDispatch
Member Get Handle() As Long
Member Get AccDescription() As WString
Member Get OcxEvents() As IDispatch
Member Get DragDropSupported() As Integer
End Interface


Unfortunately was the documentation not updated.

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