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The replay is not available yet; below are my notes watching it "live".  For reference, see matthias.sesslerblog Interactive Hands-On Workshops available free f... | SCN

Bernhard Steigleider, Global Lead, SAP TechEd Content Strategy, SAP , said “content is the core of TechEd”, with more than 100 hands-on sessions.  How can attendees reuse content after TechEd?  Answer: Using interactive hands-on

Source: SAP TechEd Online

During SAP TechEd, attendees can only attend a few hands-on sessions.  Now you can select 30 hands-on sessions, built interactive hands-on workshops, covering all TechEd tracks, if you have the full conference ticket.

For Barcelona attendees this will start November 16, and through next TechEd.  What is available with these sessions: Teched Online recordings (lecture), 2 PDF documents, interactive exercises, provided by SAP Mobile Document on mobile devices.  You can watch video on mobile device.  You can use slides and PDF document for reference for further reference.

The interactive exercise works in 3 different modes – user interactive at own speed.  These were built using the Workforce Performance Builder

Watching this online made me try it myself, for BA264 Design Studio.  You don't need a mobile device, but it might be more convenient when following the interactive exercises yourself.

BA264 online includes a lecture (17 minutes) and the interactive exercises.

See below:

Source: SAP TechEd

It could be just me, but I could only get the interactive exercises on my mobile device; everything else I could access via my laptop.

Above are the interactive exercises that come with BA264.  In my view, business users could run exercises 3, 4, and 5 as these are script-free templates.

Above shows the modes to play the interactive exercises.  Having attended BA264 in Las Vegas, you could also do the exercises yourself with just the PDF, as SAP's Jie Deng did a thorough job with the exercises.

So SAP TechEd lasts year-round with these interactive sessions, which is a nice feature for attendees.  Reminder that SAP TechEd Las Vegas next year is in September - September 19-23rd.

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