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From January 2021, a new set of OEM adapters were launched. These adapters enable SAP Cloud Integration to extend its integration capabilities towards the following applications.

  • Salesforce

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Sugar CRM

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to each of these adapters in a series of blog posts. The blog posts will be focussing on the configuration of adapters and their role in realizing common use cases for each of these applications. First, we would like to answer some general questions, applicable to these adapters.

Why these adapters?

  • The adapters are included as part of your SAP Integration Suite and SAP Cloud Integration license and there are no extra costs. You can download them via the Service Market place.

  • The adapter features and functionalities are built to run on both Neo and Cloud Foundry.

  • The adapters stay close to the integration guidelines of the concerned 3rd party application. This provides complete transparency in implementation by avoiding any in-built unnecessary orchestrations. This also provides developers with full control to implement their own orchestrations using standard SAP Cloud Platform Integration features.

  • The adapter configuration gives you insights into the operation/API which is called towards the 3rd party application while keeping in mind SAP’s integration best practices.

  • The adapters will remain compatible and leverage future development in SAP Integration Suite and SAP Cloud Integration.

  • The adapters will be updated periodically, and customers can leverage a fast innovation cycle. The upgrades will cover 3rd Party API enhancements along with SAP CPI Platform enhancements.

  • The adapters are fully integrated into the SAP Integration Suite and SAP Cloud Integration, and leverage standard features like dynamic properties, headers, etc.

  • The adapters are equipped with an Eclipse Plug-in/Workbench to generate XSDs based on the customers' 3rd party application tenant. This includes custom fields, custom objects, fields cardinalities, etc. The XSDs generated by the Eclipse Plug-in/Workbench are operation dependent and contain the fields that are relevant for the specified operation.

  • The adapter support is well integrated with the Support of SAP Integration Suite and SAP Cloud Integration. The tickets can be raised and managed centrally via the same ticketing system that you already use for SAP Integration Suite.

Where to get the adapters?

All documentation, including the Installation Guide and the User Guide are included in the ZIP file downloaded from SAP Software Download Center. The ZIP file can be download from the Service Market place by following the steps below:

Navigate to: >> SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES >> By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) >> C >> look for “SAP CP IS ADAPTER ADVANCE PACK” & “SAP CP IS ADAPTER BASE PACK”.

Alternatively, you can directly go to:



How can we suggest new features to be added to the adapters?

We are committed to keep improving and enhancing the features of the adapters. For any new feature suggestions, use the Influence session on SAP Integration Suite at:

What’s next in this series?

We will be updating this blog post with links to the series of blog posts dedicated to each of the adapters. Next in the series is:
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