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As part of SAP NetWeaver Portal 2014 Movie Challenge: Instructions I watched the SAP NetWeaver Portal, mobile edition on smartphone

First I am not sure I am a big fan of music-only videos on products.  What was it telling me?  What was the point of the twitter feed?

Source: SAP

Yes, I could see the patrizia.rossi2 in the above twitter feed on the smart phone but what does that have to do with NetWeaver portal?

The good part was featuring the mobile universal worklist, which could have potential at several companies.

Source: SAP

For sure having my boss approve my leave request, approving my time, are very good use cases of the mobile universal worklist and on a smart phone too, so my boss doesn't have to log on to a laptop to accomplish important work.  To me this was a good part of the video as more and more I see people using smart phones over tablets.  It is lighter, easier to carry and always accessible, even on planes now.

I am not always sure why the video does certain things.  If I were doing this video I would have added speech bubbles to explain concepts.  Good thing I am just a critic and not the movie producer.

For more information see  SAP Portal Movie Challenge announcement blog.

For a great movie review see SAP NetWeaver Portal Movie Critic: An Overview needn’t to be a boring one

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