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Although NetWeaver 2004 is an old system, still can be seen on market. Last month we did an upgrade from NetWeaver Portal 2004 > 7.3.

So, here is the quick guideline for upgrading from NetWeaver 2004 > 2004s  (aka 7.0)

The source environment below is as follow:

SAP Solution: NetWeaver Portal 2004 SP15

OS: AIX 4.3

DB: Oracle

Steps for Upgrade

A) Prerequisite Control

  • Source release of your SAP system;
    • SAP Web Application Server 6.40 Support Package 09 or higher
    • SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0_640 Support Package 09
    • Adobe Document Services 1.0 Support Package 09
  • Database version: At least Version for the upgrade; you can run PREPARE with Version 9.2.0 or higher.
    • Our version: 

B) Steps for Upgrade

  • Copy Upgrade DVDs onto server
    • Upgrade Master
    • Upgrade Export
    • Kernel
    • Oracle 10g
    • Oracle 10202 Patch
    • Oracle 10g Client
  • Backup Whole System before upgrade
    • mkdir /upgrade/backup
    • cd  /upgrade/backup
    • tar -cvf usrsapEPQ.tar /usr/sap/EPQ
    • tar -cvf sapmntEPQ.tar /sapmnt/EPQ
    • tar -cvf oracleEPQ.tar /oracle/EPQ
  • Upgrade Oracle 92 to 10202
  • run Prepare
    • Create Solman Key for Upgrade.
  • run Upgrade
  • Do the Corrections after Corrections
    • PROBLEM: Top Level Navigation disappeared
      • SOLUTION: Fixed Page Layout within the custom Framework.
    • PROBLEM: Masterhead images disappeared.
      • SOLUTION: We copied the image files under /usr/sap/EPQ/JC00/j2ee/cluster/server0/apps/
    • PROBLEM: SLD is not accesible even with Administrator user.
      • SOLUTION: SLDAdmin Role Created (Actions assigned: LcrAdministrator, LcrClassWriter, LcrUser) and assigned to Administrator user.
  • Backup before serving end-users.
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