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In the Blog I , I have explained the steps to create the ESS home page.

Let me walk through the second scenario “One level page navigation”.

From the Employee Self Service home page, upon clicking the Personal detail section as I have mentioned in the step 7 of Blog 1, the app is expected to display the Personal details from HR infotype PA0002.

Also to remind, as I have mentioned in the blog 1, application Z_HTML5_PERSONAL_DETAILS is modelled using NEPTUNE_FLIGHT02_LIST.

Now it’s time to change the class ‘Z_ESS_HTML5_DEMO’ that we have assigned to all the Custom NAD applications created.

  1. Since the Header has to be uniform, just copy the header section from the Z_HTML5_HOMEPAGE and replace in the App Z_HTML5_PERSONAL_DETAILS.

   2.  In the Class ‘Z_ESS_HTML5_DEMO’ implement the logic in the interface method /NEPTUNE/IF_NAD_SERVER~HANDLE_ON_REQUEST to display the          personal details from infotype PA0002.

   3.  Place your logic in the handle_on_request method based on the navigation i.e your application ID. Its good practice to use the data retrieval logic in a                 separate method. Just for explanation I have written with the request method.

  4.   Just declare two variables in the attribute section.

  5.   Assign the internal table to the UI element and Change the description of the texts. Remove the link section as this example is for one page navigation.

  6.   Assign all the table information using simple HTML heading and text tags.

  7.   Also from this App, the back option should call the initial home page. Change the link as I have mentioned.

  8.   You are ready to view the personal details of an employee with the minimal steps in development.



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