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Hi All,

Getting to know about the #ERROR message with ToNumber Function or Formula in this document post. First let me explain that; ToNumber Funtion returns a string as a number, in other words it convert Char to Number. Also, all you need to know about #ERROR means- when does it appear and also show you, what you can do in order to avoid the message, if u really get in the webi report.

What does it mean #ERROR with ToNumber function?

When you see this message, it is pointing you to check that you are definning the syntax or formate type, it is right or wrong in the report.

When does #ERROR apper in webi report?

By nature it happens after missing either syntax or formatting type.

How can I avoid the #ERROR message with ToNumber function in general way?

Only one way to avoid this message that every one to know.

Let see below Syntax of ToNumber Function.


num ToNumber(string)


=ToNumber("100") returns 100.

=ToNumber("100 ") returns #ERROR. (Because there is a space)

Keep in mind:-

If string is not a number, then ToNumber function returns #ERROR, by nature only.

Note:- If you're using ToNumber, ToDate, FormatDate functions or any more similar than that then getting the same error, so check the proper syntax and values, which you're defining in webi report.

I hope you clear and learned something new while reading this document.


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