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The main object of this blog is to go though all the concepts that is required to decide which delta mechanism we will use when we will replicate LO Extractors as a BW/BI data source using info Package to build our BW data flow modeling. The Topic "decide which delta mechanism in BW/BI" we will cover in the next blog.


Today I will discuss about LO Extractors Update Mode Types which knowledge required Delta implementation in BW/BI side .

$$ When a document transaction posted the below three kinds of update happen.

V1 (Synchronous)-> Critical updates that took place at first stage in the tables for which update is necessary.

The statistics update is made synchronously with the document update.

V2(Asynchronous) -> This update done separately from statistics update and is less critical.

V3(Asynchronous) -> V3 update is scheduled via a job to update Bid delta queue. Updating happened in Background.


There are four different Update Mode Type( Current version three are available) .

Old One - First SAP introduced the below method -

  1. Serialized V3 Update: This is an old technique. User faces lots of issues with this technique. Below are some  -

    1. Chance of data mismatch if V2 Job fails.

    2. Do not have any guarantee of sequence of changing.



After facing problem with those Limitation, the below three has been introduced –



  1. Direct Delta:

  • Recommended only when a smaller number of records are there. In this update method, data is directly transferred to Delta Queue and application tables at same time, with every document posting

  • Disadvantages: Cannot handle more than 10000 LUV. When too many data posting occurs in a project then it is not the suitable one.




  1. Queued Delta :

  • Most of the business scenario or project we use V3 update for LO Data source's In this update method, the records are first sent to ‘Extraction Queue’ using V1 update. Then V3 job scheduled to take the data from Extraction Queue’ to Delta Queue. Able to manage large amount of posting. Sequential time posting happened in this type.



  1. Un serialized V3 update:

  • We use this type when sequence of data is not required. DSO is not recommended as target. In this update type when a document is posted Update table/queue updated using V3 collection module update. From Update table/queue to Delta queue update take place via V3 scheduled Job.





All the LO Extractors update mode is described . In the next Blog we will discuss about the "Implementing suitable delta mechanism in BW/BI with respect to the extractors"
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