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Navigational Attributes List of HANA Composite Provider (HCPR)

This document explains on how to get list of Navigational Attributes List of an HANA Composite Provider.

This will be helpful in the upgradation projection to BW on HANA / BW4HANA, as there will be  scenarios where the Multiprovider has to be migrated to HANA Composite Provider or new HANA Composite Provider has to be created based on an Existing Multiprovider to leverage the HANA features.

In the traditional BW system, there is standard table

RSDICMULTIIOBJ             -              MultiProvider: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects

Which provides the list of Infoobjects and navigational attributes of an Multiprovider.

However, in BW on HANA, there is no such table which provides list of Infoobjects and navigational attributes of a HANA Composite Provider.

The Navigational Attributes in HANA Composite Provider are not Infoprovider specific like the way it’s available in Multiprovider.

Even though using the standard Function module SMUM_XML_PARSE to parse XML String of HANA Composite Provider into XML Table using Custom ABAP Program there is possibility to get list of objects, but it will generate the list of direct Infoobject which are part of HANA Composite Provider.

I have explored and could not find simpler solution to get list of navigational attributes of a HANA Composite Provider.

As a Workaround, the below process can be used to get list of navigational attributes of a HANA Composite Provider.

  1. Create a Query on top of HANA composite Provider.

  2. In the Query, go to sheet definition tab and then on Free Characteristics area.

  3. Select Add Characteristics as per screenshot below.


4. Now type *__ in the search area. (2 times Underscore)

      5. This will provide the list of Navigational Attributes which are enabled on Top of HANA                          Composite Provider

6. Select all the Navigational Attributes and add them in the Free characteristics.

7.Now Save the Query.

8.Go to the T code RSRTQ or the standard Program

9. Provide the Technical name of Query that was created in Step -1 and select the options as                  per screenshot below.


               Here the ZQ_HCPR_NAV is the Technical Name of Query that was created in Step -1.

10. Expand Free Characteristic under the Rows/Columns drop down as per screenshot below.


        11. Click on Download as per screenshot below

12. There may be a Popup, click on OK and Proceed.

13. Either Download using Element ID as per screenshot below.

14.Or Copy the Element ID using CTRL + Y (Keys) and select the element IDs and Copy them                into an Excel.

      15. Once the Element ID of all the navigational attributes are available, Go to Table RSZELTDIR

16. Provide all the Element IDs as per below screenshot and display the records.


      17. Under the default hint column the list of Navigational Attributes will be there.

         18. Here ZTUD_ID is the Main Infoobject.

19. ZTUD_DEP and ZSTUD_YOJ are the navigational attributes of ZTUD_ID.



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